Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Student Survival Manual 1

10 tips for survival in the classroom

1. Don’t be late, or at least learn some great "why I was late" excuses.
2. Sit near the front.
3. Act interested in what the instructor is saying once in a while. They like that.
4. Get to be friends with the students who seem to know what is going on.
5. Take notes like you do this for a living and will later publish them for reading by millions. See
6. Ask questions. "When does this class get out?" is not an appropriate question, however.
7. Try to figure out what the instructor thinks is important. Often, they are the ones who make up the
exams and assign the grades.
8. Keep a list of all key words in the subject matter.
9. Don’t fall asleep.
10. If you do fall asleep, try not to
snore loudly or obnoxiously.

Excerpts from Student Survival Manual - 4th EditionCopyright © 1995-2005 by Jack Pejsa


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