Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Student Survival Manual 12

10 places to go when you're "stressed out"

1. To the house of a good friend. Talk things over. Have some laughs or non-meaningful conversation. Eat some food. Food can be good for the human body and soul.
2. To another friend's house and do the same or similar activities. This friend may have superior food or provide better laughs than the friend in item 1. Relax -- it isn't that bad -- it really isn't.
3. To the campus counseling center where you can speak with someone who gets paid to listen to your problems and may have just the right words for you at the right time.
4. To your support group. If you don't have a support group, or don't know what one is, see item 3. above.
5. To the zoo... animals are nature's great stress relievers. Observe the monkeys - they rarely seem too stressed.
6. To the running track, pool, bball court, aerobics center, hiking trail, ski hill, pet store, library couch, coffee house, or other place of choice.
7. To the library... find an "escape" book with no words greater than three syllables, and no math harder than "per-cents."
8. To a place in your mind-- in your visual imagination -- to your favorite
beach, or campsite by the lake, or waterfall.
9. To a museum or park bench. Observe the futility of fretting over life's temporary problems.
10. To your clergyman or spiritual advisor. They have seen human stress many times before and they may be willing to listen to you, and give you another perspective on how to deal with the issues causing you the most worry.

Excerpts from Student Survival Manual - 4th EditionCopyright © 1995-2005 by Jack Pejsa


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