Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Student Survival Manual 13

10 self serving reasons to be nice to people

1. Someday your car will break down... when it's 50 degrees below zero in the shade.
2. You'll lose your prized notebook, and you'll need it back very much.
3. You'll not be able to find a building that is lost (or has clearly been moved within the past two weeks).
4. You'll need help on an assignment, finding notes, or borrowing a book, tape, CD, season tickets, Porsche, etc.
5. You'll need a ride somewhere... at a time when your friend can't take you, and your other friend doesn't want to leave the party yet.
6. You'll desperately need to get into a locked building...(which will have your suitcase and three months of clothes before you leave for home for the summer).
7. You'll need help logging onto the Internet from your computer and you barely know how to turn on your computer.
8. You'll need a signature to have a petition approved or a letter of reference for a job.
9. You'll need to get a grade changed or allowed into a class that has been closed for 2 weeks.
10. You'll need somebody to be nice to you on a very bad day.

Excerpts from Student Survival Manual - 4th EditionCopyright © 1995-2005 by Jack Pejsa


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