Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Student Survival Manual 2

10 tips on taking good notes in class

1. As described so eloquently in 10 tips for survival in the classroom, sit as close to the front of the classroom as possible, so you can hear and see -- and be heard and seen.
2. Talk to the people over at the campus academic assistance or "study skills" center for any resources available to you on how to improve your notetaking abilities.
3. Check out one of the many excellent
notetaking and study skills references on the web which can make you so proficient at taking notes that your friends and associates will offer to pay you to take notes for them. This -- of course -- you will regard as total nonsense because you have far better things to do with your life than engage in such unethical practices.
4. If all else fails, try this method: start the notes for each lecture on a new page in your notebook and put the current date on the top of the page. This suggestion is not "
rocket science", of course, but it's helpful to know what was discussed -- and when -- eight weeks down the line, when you are preparing for an exam, and have no memory whatsoever of what you were doing two months previously. Then:
5. During the lecture you will write down the main points discussed on the right -hand page of your notebook while you:
6. Write down the details on the left side, and bring three pens to class with you:
7. Carry a dark black pen to underline the key points in the lecture.
8. Use a green or blue pen (or choose another color; you can use your own imagination here) to underline points you're unclear of, and will need to review in more depth later.
9. Also, bring use a dark red pen to highlight the things your instructor says will definitely be on the exam, you should never forget, and 200 times during the lecture for emphasis.
10. It's also useful to leave lots of white space in your notebook for later editing, and adding your own useful comments such as "what in the name of heaven was he talking about here?"

Excerpts from Student Survival Manual - 4th EditionCopyright © 1995-2005 by Jack Pejsa


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