Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Student Survival Manual 5

10 tips for improving your writing skills

1. Find the campus writing or "academic skills" center. Talk to the counselors there.
2. Get Strunk and White’s
Elements of Style or another style manual, many of which can be found on on the web.
3. Use a
dictionary, and of course, you'll always use a word processor to write your papers. On your word processor, use the spelling checker. Spelling correctly makes you look smarter. See 10 reasons to use a word processor for writing papers.
4. Become the most excellent friend of an English composition major. Have that person critique your writing and offer suggestions. Buy them lunch -- often.
5. Find an on-line
writing lab on the Web.
Plan your thoughts carefully before you begin your masterpiece. An outline might help.
7. Don't try copying term papers written by someone else off the Internet as you may well get kicked out of school or thrown in jail or something equally unpleasant for the average student. See
10 possible consequences of cheating at school.
8. Learn how to
cite information from other sources so that you aren't accused of plagiarizing which could get you in more trouble than you may be able to deal with, at this stage in your illustrious career. See 10 easy ways to get placed on probation.
9. If you want to use information you found on-line in your paper, check out a
good guide on citing electronic sources such as Columbia University's Guide to Online Style.
10. Do not write like the author of this survival manual.

Excerpts from Student Survival Manual - 4th EditionCopyright © 1995-2005 by Jack Pejsa


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